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About Magicbird Publishing

Magicbird Publishing is an independent not-for-profit children’s content creator where all our profits go towards Wisdom Club. Wisdom Club’s main activities are:-
(a) to build reading spaces
(b) donate books and
(c) to organise reading programmes

We believe that children have a right to stories and that this is integral to their holistic development over and beyond the right to education or a right to play. Furthermore, once children learn to read for pleasure, their whole world opens up and this is one of the most fundamental ways in which we can readdress the education gap.

When we do decide to merchandise, we ensure that all our products are made by self – help groups and that a percentage always goes back to their community.

Magicbird Publishing Books for sale

Profits from books published by Magicbird goes towards the building of Reading Spaces and funding of Wisdom Clubs for Children. From time to time, we do receive donated contents and we publish those books FOR DISTRIBUTION only. Our partner in this is Pratham books but we welcome working with any publishers. If any charity would like to publish our content for charitable ends, please drop us a line as we are happy to explore.

About Magicbird Publishing

Reading Spaces

We have set ourselves a challenge of building 100 Reading Spaces in the next five years and thus far we have reading spaces at the following locations. Each location has between 500 to 1000 books and we hope to one day be able to unify the Reading Spaces to allow the children to discuss about books amongst themselves and ask for books on specific themes that they would like to read. Please click here.

  1. Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS)
  2. Kepong School
  3. Group Mad
  4. FrogAsia
  5. Mizo Refugee School
    A primary school to support the educational needs of refugee children and to gear them towards fitting in with their eventual host country.
  6. Yayasan Chow Kit Safe House
    A safe house that temporarily houses highly at-risk children or children in dangerous situations till a solution can be found for them.
  7. IDEAS Academy Library
    A secondary school to support the education needs of refugee children to steer them towards iGCSEs and to fit in with their eventual host country.
  8. Ijok Community Centre
    A community centre started by the Reading Bus.

Wisdom Club for Children

This is our volunteer-run programme where we work with homes / shelters / schools / community centres to get the children to talk about the book(s) they have read. All our Magicbird Books are designed to be thought provoking and furthermore we have developed teaching aids to go with each book to support our volunteers and guide them on how to keep the children engaged.

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